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A non-establishment show, asking questions the masses find difficult.

Host Abe Abdelhadi is from L.A. and moved to Austin in March of 2015. He’s been a musician, a comedian and put out a novel in 2015, All Together Now. What do all these endeavors have in common? A desire to tell the truth.

Sep 24, 2018

We talk to Sema Hernandez who is announcing her U.S. Senate bid to unseat John Cornyn (R-TX) in 2020! In the 2018 Democratic primary, she took 42 counties (250,000 votes as a newcomer!) We discuss sensitive issues, none of which are lost on this firecracker champion of the right thing to do! A mother of four boys, she...

Sep 17, 2018

We talk to Mobility Blueprint (
Co-Founder Rafael Chldress and get incredible insight on how the economy, cost of living and just trying to survive can adversely affect how kids learn in school and deal with...

Sep 10, 2018

Creator and Founder of Reset Your Body (, Terry Givens weighs in on what is really making America sick and out of shape. It's not what you think...

Sep 3, 2018

Friend of the show, Mike Mahony, joins us to chat about freedom of speech, John McCain and anti-trust and why social media is eating our brains. (Editor's note: Language is saltier than usual. Can't have Tipper Gore chase me down!)
Check out Mike Mahony's show, Liberty Revealed (