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A non-establishment show, asking questions the masses find difficult.

Host Abe Abdelhadi is from L.A. and moved to Austin in March of 2015. He’s been a musician, a comedian and put out a novel in 2015, All Together Now. What do all these endeavors have in common? A desire to tell the truth.

Oct 28, 2019

Dr. John Haas, of the Global Consortium, discusses his latest interviews with Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters and Iraq vet, Hector Barajas-Varela. Dr. Haas talks about the situation at the border and how so many vets are being deported to Mexico, without any VA help whatsoever. Next, we talk about his interview over the...

Oct 22, 2019

Mauro Garza, a 20th District GOP congressional candidate in Texas and San Antonio businessman discusses his primary race, his platform and incumbent Joaquin Castro. We get into a spirited discussion on socialism, the GOP and Log Cabin Republicans.

Mr. Garza and I had a great chat that involved socialism for the rich and...

Oct 8, 2019

Award winning journalist, author and comedian, Bruce Sanborn discusses his forthcoming book, “WIN! The Ultimate Success Guide for Losers, Freaks and Miscreants.” Here, Bruce gets into the shady side of the self-help business by lampooning its more egregious practitioners as well as explaining the origins of the...