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A non-establishment show, asking questions the masses find difficult.

Host Abe Abdelhadi is from L.A. and moved to Austin in March of 2015. He’s been a musician, a comedian and put out a novel in 2015, All Together Now. What do all these endeavors have in common? A desire to tell the truth.

Mar 11, 2021

During the entire Trump Administration, corporate Democrats have been laying claim that the “world is laughing at us.” Well, the real question is, “Haven’t they always been laughing at us?” We start off with incredulous comments by Joaquin Castro at the Impeachment Trial and go from there. Our rankings in the world, relative to the industrialized nations, have had us at joke levels for a long time. Time to own it and move on. Also, I mentioned China. Here’s some light reading on the “humanitarian crisis.” These guys have done a great job documenting this issue:
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