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A non-establishment show, asking questions the masses find difficult.

Host Abe Abdelhadi is from L.A. and moved to Austin in March of 2015. He’s been a musician, a comedian and put out a novel in 2015, All Together Now. What do all these endeavors have in common? A desire to tell the truth.

Oct 12, 2020

Former contributor at the Huffington Post and Independent Write-in Presidential candidate, Sorinne Ardeleanu ( joins us to discuss her campaign for the presidency in 2020. Hers is NOT to be confused the with American Independent Party. Unlike the two main contenders, Ardeleanu has actual ideas for the country and understands that hers is a tough road to hoe. This doesn’t mean the attempt is not to be made. She gets into foreign policy, which she seems to understand is tied to what happens here at home among the myriad issues that are creating chaos and long term damage. She understands that to move forward, both home and abroad, we have to make peace with our enemies and deals with our friends. Simple, right?
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